After years of developing courses in a number of different online platforms, in 2016 Andi and I (and that's the entirety of ReasonIO, quite literally a "mom-and-pop" startup company) settled on Teachable as the format we wanted to use for hosting our online classes going forward.

First, I brought out a pretty intensive free class on Epictetus' Enchiridion with a dual purpose in mind. On the one hand, I wanted to produce something a bit more substantive to celebrate Stoic Week 2016, and on the other, I thought it would provide a useful "test-run" for our use of Teachable. Then, I published the Half Hour Hegel course, which I provide free access to as a perk for all of my Patreon supporters. So far, so good!

Earlier today, I published another course I've been working on - there's been a lot of requests for this going back several years - World Views and Values! This is a popular course I developed and taught online for years at a highly selective college back in New York. I decided to offer all of the same content to interested students and lifelong learners - a way of giving back on my part, as well as widening educational access (which is a value we strongly believe in here at ReasonIO).

If you're interested in that course, you'll want to take advantage of the coupon I've created for it - offering a preferred pricing of $39 instead of the $75 regular price. That offer is good for the entire month of January!

What other new classes have we got coming up this month and in the months to come? I'll reveal those courses in the next blog entry later on this week!