The Purpose of This Course Site

This course site has been built primarily for the Patreon supporters of the Half Hour Hegel project. I created the site in order to make it easier for those supporters to access the commentary videos that comprise the Half Hour Hegel series, to find and share interesting or useful resources on Hegel's thought, and to keep updates about the project itself.

I provide free access to this course as a "perk" for my Patreon supporters. If you've enrolled in this class and you're not a Patreon supporter, then you paid full price for the course. Quite frankly, while the project is underway, I don't see any reason why someone ought to pay the full price for this course. So, if you'd like to become a Patreon supporter - even just at the $1 per video level - we'll be happy to work something out with you.

Here's what I'm planning on building into this site:

  • Pages of organized links to the Half Hour Hegel videos
  • Pages of useful or interesting online resources on Hegel, particularly on the Phenomenology of Spirit
  • Pages of links to copies of Hegel's works and recommended secondary literature on Hegel
  • A page that provides access and scheduling for the monthly Hegel Q&A sessions
  • Downloadable Handouts covering key concepts or developments in Hegel's text (as I develop them)
  • Discussion Forums where students enrolled in the site can engage in online conversations with each other

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