Overview - Nicomachean Ethics book 6

In this section of the course, we examine book 6 of the Nicomachean Ethics.

This portion of the work is devoted to discussion of what are called the "intellectual virtues" - habits developed within the human mind that have to do with "attaining truth" in one mode or another. Some of those intellectual virtues are theoretical, and others are practical, having to do with action. Aristotle also devotes considerable discussion to several other states of mind that are connected with prudence or practical wisdom, and to the relationship between prudence and the moral virtues.

You'll find a number of resources in this section designed to help you as you study Aristotle's text. These include:

  • 4 Lesson Pages
  • 12 Lecture Videos
  • 2 Handouts

You'll also find a Worksheet, Questions for Reflection, a Discussion Forum, and a Quiz that you can use as aids for deepening your understanding of the topics.

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